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Our Service — A powerful brand needs powerful protection.

Brand names, pictorial signs (logos), and advertising slogans are distinctive signs forged by creative experts in advertising and marketing. They designate goods and/or services as products of a company — and sometimes even the company itself.

First of all, a suitable sign that fits in with the product and the company is developed. It needs to meet a large number of requirements: not only linguistic and cultural criteria relating to the domestic and foreign markets in question, but also aspects of trademark law for protection at home and abroad.

It often happens that experts on trademark law are not called in to apply for trademark protection until a new sign has already been selected and the advertising campaign is ready to be launched. It is not unusual for the legal experts to discover that the new sign is not eligible for protection under trademark law or that as a trademark it is so weak that it would be difficult to legally enforce it even if it were to obtain trademark protection.

A powerful brand needs powerful protection !

Early in the developmental phase of a trademark, marketing professionals often lack the advice of trademark law specialists who are familiar with marketing and branding, who understand the work of advertising and marketing experts, and who can provide them with constructive support.

To close this counseling gap during trademark development, brandeur® provides the "missing link" between marketing and trademark law. We will back you up with searches and know-how in the developmental phase of the trademark, drawing from our international experience in marketing and trademark law, leaving you with a trademark on your domestic and foreign markets that stands firm under aspects of trademark law as well.