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Slogan Branding

Ideally, a slogan is a concise and notable message that imparts a core feature of a product or the central philosophy of a business. If the slogan includes the product or company name, then it is a helpful way to anchor the name in consumers' minds — preferably in the form of a protected trademark. However, a slogan can also be a totally independent statement that does not include the product or company name — in other words, it can be completely detached from it. In this case, the association of the name with the slogan is established through advertising measures and marketing activities.
slogan examples Being a linguistic statement, the slogan is coupled to the understan- ding of this language in the target group; it must be written in the language most commonly spoken on the market, or at least it should be formulated in a way that consumers on the market understand. For this same reason, slogans in different languages are necessary for markets with different languages.

A slogan should be placed under trademark protection, since it is an important marketing element. However, since slogans generally represent verbal statements, it is difficult for them to provide the distinguishing capability required for protection as a trademark. This requirement that the slogan be suitable to point out a specific business establishment can be met if a name that is protected as a trademark is integrated into the slogan, for example, or if the slogan has a secondary meaning, i.e. if it can be interpreted in more than one way.   More...