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Pictorial Branding

coat of arms A picture says more than a thousand words — this bit of popular wisdom is backed up by the knowledge that information contained in images is perceived more quickly than a verbal description with the same informational content. Information from an image can be recalled more quickly than textual information. A graphic representation is remembered and recognized more reliably than a word or sequence of words. A traditional coat of arms is a historic example of a pictorial or figurative sign.

pictorial sign Another advantage of an image as a sign of recognition or a reminder of a product or business has to do with the separation of the depicted image from spoken language. Even if a product is offered on different markets under a different brand name in each case, the identifiability of this product is still ensured by a common pictorial sign used for the products on all the markets.

When pictorial signs are created, several principles of trademark law also need to be taken into account in order for the sign to be protectable as a trademark in the relevant countries. It is also necessary to take care that the pictorial sign is accepted culturally and does not invoke any unwanted associations by the observer. Even the color of a pictorial sign can be decisive for the trademark success of this sign as a figurative trademark in a particular cultural sphere. More ...