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Name Branding

If a product is not distinctive or does not noticeably stand out above other products on the market, it will vanish into the mass of commonplace market offerings. It might be extraordinarily — even uniquely — beneficial to consumers, but they may not be able to find it among all the other market offerings. Consumers must be able to recognize or identify the product. To do this, first of all, they need to be able to refer to it — hence, the product needs a name of its own.

shampoo bottles What's more, a consumer's positive, beneficial experience must be repeatable and not merely a one-time-only event. The consumer needs to be oriented in a way that ensures consistent quality. He or she must be able to know for a fact that the product being offered has the same origin as the one he or she already associates with a good experience. Consequently, the uniqueness of the name must be ensured. That is why the name must be placed under trademark protection.

If the product is to be offered on several different markets, then linguistic and cultural aspects of the relevant markets also have to be observed. For example, the name should not be unpronounceable in any relevant language, nor should it have a derogatory meaning. The name must also be available and protectable under trademark law in this particular language and this particular country.   More...