Application and Registration | Portfolio Management
  Once an intellectual property right has been registered, fees have to be paid to the responsible authority at certain intervals in order to maintain that protective right. The due dates for paying these maintenance fees have to be determined and monitored to keep the protective right from lapsing unintentionally.

This is why the services we offer donít stop with the registration of a protective right. On the contrary, we will continue looking after you and your protective rights long after that. We will keep tabs on your protective rights and manage your portfolio. This will lighten your load and let you concentrate on your actual work. We analyze your IPR portfolio and provide you with IPR portfolio maps which give you a quick overview and let you present your IP rights in a convincing manner.

In addition to monitoring the due dates of maintenance fees, we will also send you reminders of these due dates as part of our management of your portfolio and pay the official maintenance fees for domestic and foreign protective rights.

Whatís more, we will be on the lookout for any existing deadlines for using your protective rights, and we will remind you of them well in advance. If necessary, we will also help you provide proof of use. For this we carry out a use analysis of your trademarks.

Finally, as part of our management of your portfolio, we can also conduct monitoring of your protective rights so that you can defend and strengthen them to the utmost.