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  If an inventor or potential applicant of a patent or utility model would like to learn about the already existing so-called prior art, we conduct corresponding patent searches. Said patent searches are based on patent and utility model publications and on publications of patent applications in the most important industrial countries.

The result of such a search often makes it easier for the applicant to take a decision as to whether, and to what extent, he should file a patent or utility model application for his invention.

Patent searches are, moreover, extremely helpful to quickly gain information on already invented or realized technical solutions to certain problems, before new technical developments are made. It can then be avoided to spend money on developments already performed by others in the past.

Quite frequently an own new development may even be built up on the information obtained from a patent search, so that, with the same amount of financial means, a substantially better development result can be achieved, compared to one without a prior patent search.